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Important things you need to know about fire protection to factory and warehouse

Important things you need to know about fire protection to factory and warehouse

To ensure the safety, limit fire and explosion for industrial workshops as well as warehouses, please see the details below.

Fire protection for factories/warehouses

Fire protection for factories/warehouses in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, fire protection for factories and warehouses including the following items:

In order to ensure fire safety and minimize the damage caused by fire and explosion, firefighting police recommend that home owners and businesses need to obey the following measures to ensure fire safety.

1. Strictly implement regulations on fire prevention and fighting in the field of construction investment (fire prevention approval for new construction works, renovation, change of scale and nature of operation, check and take over about fire protection when taking works, work items into operation).

2. Establishing a firefighting team with enough force to maintain and intensify the work of patrolling and detecting fire and explosion; Regularly propagandizing and training on fire prevention and fire fighting, instructing this force to get out of danger or rescue someone from death.

3. Reviewing and putting up regulations on fire prevention and firefighting, fire and smoking prohibition notice in places easy to occur fire or explosion.


4. When installing electrical systems, electricity consuming devices must comply with regulations, technical standards and install aptomat for electrical systems in workshops, warehouses and electrical equipments with high capacity; not arranging flammable materials, goods near the wires, light bulbs, sockets, switches ...

5. Regularly reminding employees to strictly observe the regulations of Law on fire prevention and fire fighting; strictly banning to using fire source, heat source (burn incense, smoke cigarette, etc.) in factories, warehouses.

6. Equipping firefighting equipments as prescribed, regularly checking and maintaining the operation of the system to ensure safety in case of occurring fire and explosion.


7. To units for lease production land, warehouse: Clearly define responsibilities for firefighting between the lessor and the lessee, well perform their responsibilities in the regular and periodical fire prevention and fighting to maximumly prevent happening fires and explosions.

8. When a fire or explosion occurs, firefighting organize quickly and timely, at the same time, immediately fire alarm for fire police force via No  114 to take effective fire fighting measures, to minimize the damage caused by fire.


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